Adascious Empire

This infographic is designed by Adascious Empire.

Since being founded in 2023, Adascious Empire has turned fine jewelry into an everyday occasion while working towards making a positive impact in our communities, the industry, and the world.
Because jewelry is an expression of self, and how you show up in the world should have no limits. That’s why we work with trusted suppliers across the globe, using high-quality, responsibly-sourced materials to create pieces meant to last a lifetime—that feel like you.
We are increasing our positive impact on people and the planet through how we design our jewelry, where we source our materials, and how we operate our business.
Each week, we release new products, designed in-house, in limited quantities and only manufacture more based on consumer demand. This allows us to curate fresh products while keeping our production less wasteful.

Source: Gold Jewelry Store


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