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This infographic is designed by Samawa Living.

From the comfort of the little oasis we’ve created for you, experience the vibrancy and colors of Zanzibar, from its unparalleled beaches and water activities to the richness of its cultural melting pot.
Samawa is short for “samawati,” which refers to the color of the sky and the sea in this tropical paradise. Our 30-room, palm-fringed boutique resort, where you can relax and disconnect from the rest of the world. Let us waelcome you the local way! Our staff is committed to making your stay unforgettable. Karibu!
Book your stay in one of our 5 categories, from comfortable cozy studio to our spacious two-bedroom suites.
All of our rooms are equally stunning in style: contemporary elegance and minimalistic chic for a serene and tranquil stay.

Source: Zanzibar Resort


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