ICSI treatment in india

ICSI treatment in india is a specialized form of an IVF treatment. It is a procedure in which a healthy quality single sperm is selected and directly injected into the cytoplasm of mature egg.

ICSI treatment in india is a specialized form of an IVF treatment. It is a procedure in which a healthy quality single sperm is selected and directly injected into the cytoplasm of mature egg. ICSI is specially indicated in severe cases of male factor infertility.

ICSI procedure is generally recommended when there is difficulty in achieving fertilization due to male infertility factors or other severe infertility issues. In ICSI procedure, sperm is not needed to travel to the egg or penetrate the outer shell of egg for fertilization as it is directly injected by the fertility experts into the cytoplasm of mature egg.

 ICSI is recommended in those cases to eliminate the possibility of unsuccessful fertilization. ICSI is suggested in male infertility cases when patient is having low sperm count. In cases when sperms have poor morphology or very poor motility. In cases where sperms are unable to penetrate into the cell wall of egg, ICSI is suggested. When patient is having history of previous unsuccessful IVF cycles than also ICSI treatment is preferred by them. It is also indicated when female partner is left with very few retrieved eggs. It is also recommended in cases of advance maternal age. This treatment is also beneficial to those sperms which are thawed and frozen which appear less active at the time of fertilization. It is also recommended in cases of frozen oocytes due to hardening of outer shell of egg. It is also performed in combination with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) which allows genetic screening of embryos. This treatment is also preferred in some cases of In Vitro Maturation (IVM). Those couples who have unexplained infertility issues also benefitted with this treatment.

Procedure of ICSI treatment:

The ICSI treatment is practiced in a combination with IVF cycle. It includes initial consultation along with all medical screening and ultrasound including hormonal blood tests. The procedure of ICSI treatment starts like that of standard IVF procedure.

Firstly ovaries are stimulated with the help of fertility drugs or medications. Ovaries in female partner are inspected to check whether it will respond to fertility drugs or not which is followed by administration of fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries to retrieve multiple eggs. After that, final maturation induction process starts when maturity of follicles is confirmed then the woman is injected with the trigger shot that is HCG injection 24 hr prior to egg pickup procedure. Then the eggs are collected from the matured follicles in female partner using transvaginal method with the help of catheter. Egg retrieval procedure roughly takes about 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile the semen sample is also collected from the male patient.

After that the eggs and sperms are prepared in the lab. Only a single mature egg is identified and removed from surrounding cells followed by selection of single oocyte for ICSI fertilization. Along with that semen undergoes sperm washing in which single healthiest sperm is selected for fertilization. Now ICSI fertilization takes place, single selected sperm is carefully injected into the center of cytoplasm of mature oocyte with the help of very fine needle. The fine needle is called as micropipette. It is used to inject single sperm in center of the egg penetrating the cytoplasm. This entire fertilization process is carried out in higher magnification microscope. After that the embryo formed is placed in an incubator for further development. When the embryo having 8 cells called as blastocyt after 3 days or 5 days it is ready to be implanted into the uterus of female patient as at that stage it will  quickly get attached to the endometrium lining of uterus and thus increases the chances of conception. If embryos are dropped successfully into the uterus and blastocyst is attached to the uterus lining than the further treatment is carried simply along with medications.

This procedure enables the chances of successful fertilization. The whole procedure of ICSI treatment is conducted and controlled in lab conditions. ICSI procedure mainly aids to severe cases of male factor infertility as it works in cases where sperm count is considerably low and sperm having poor motility. If sperms has low mobility factor than it fails to reach egg or penetrate its cell wall. So, with the help of this procedure sperm is directly injected into the cytoplasm of egg to achieve successful fertilization. ICSI treatment is beneficial for those couples who have previous history of IVF cycle failure multiple times and for those couples who desire baby even after vasectomy. In this advance procedure majorly males are benefitted those who are having low sperm count, poor sperm morphology and who have low sperm mobility factor.

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