The absence of Runecrafting skills made it expensive
The absence of Runecrafting skills made it expensive Oct 09

The absence of Runecrafting skills made it expensive

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Okay, I didn’t weep. But it was mad. I predicted that the 138 combat calculation would win. So so far, I'm right. As of now 71% to 29% are winning the 138 combat calculations, as of morning February 15th EST. The reason it is winning is because of incorrect reasons. Reason being is that regardless of how you think about it,, the current system is better than the previous one.

To understand the reason as to why this is the case, we must look back to the very beginnings of Runescape. Runescape started out as a totally different game from what it is today. The game features both 2d and 3d graphics and slow movement speed.

Additionally, it has an unique combat system. People today think of Runescape's classic combat system as the three-hit system of combat. That means you have to be able to take at least three strikes against your adversary before you are able to withdraw. This is unlike Runescape 2, and 3, which you can run away whenever they want. However, the differences in combat lie farther than three-hit combat.

In the original game in the beginning, melee was the main form of combat. The reason is that ranged and magic were not fully developed. Ranged was not developed to the fullest extent. There was no range armor, and ranged wasn't used much in a PvP sense. Similar limitations were present for magic. A player who was unable to cast a spell had to wait for 20 minutes before they could attempt again.

Additionally, magic was difficult to master. The absence of Runecrafting skills made it expensive. While magic gained some credibility as the god spells came out, magic for the most was merely an addition to melee. Naturally, in Runescape Classic Attack and Strength were favored more into the calculation of combat over Ranged and Magic.

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