However, they don't come cheap

However, they don't come cheap However, they don't come cheap

Double XP is pretty self-explanatory?players will earn a "+100% Event Bonus" that doubles only the base XP earned from completing matches.Double Painted Drops means that players will have twice the normal chance to receive a rare painted version of an item from drops, crates, and trade-ins. Painted items, especially "Titanium White" versions, are highly sought after by players for their rarity and unique look in-game. The upcoming event might just be your lucky break to unlock a new painted version of your favorite item.

If you think you're too far from unlocking a must-have cosmetic before Rocket Pass 1 ends and your chance to earn it disappears, you do have the ability to purchase Rocket Pass tiers with Rocket League keys. However, they don't come cheap, as you can see below, so you might be better off searching for another player to trade keys for an item directly.

Considering that the costs of Rocket League Items are different on different platforms, we made the Rocket League Prices list respectively for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. We also offer an honest platform for high-quality Rocket League Items for all Rocket League fans. you'll buy what you'd like on our site with the foremost cost-effective price. If you've extra Rocket League Items, you'll also trade with us via our quick and safe Rocket League Trading Service!


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