MTP Kit To Cease Unwanted Pregnancy

Get rid of unplanned Gestation via Medical termination

Pregnancy termination is one of the toughest decisions which women face. Termination is done two ways one is medical termination and other is surgical termination. Both are the safest way of termination. But most of the women buy Abortion Kit online so that they can avoid surgical termination. Pregnancy cancellation with the help of surgical abortion is quite expensive and most of the women get scared due to instrument been inserted in the body. Though this process is scary and expensive the termination of pregnancy gets completed within 20 minutes.

Course Of Action

Only women who are less than 8 to 11 weeks pregnant can order MTP kit online. The remedy in this kit is FDA approved this is the reason why it can be used safely. This kit contains an anti-progesterone medicine like Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It contains 5 tablets which can help you to terminate the pregnancy at home in privacy. Mifepristone start its work by breaking the uterus lining and blocking the pregnancy hormones which are responsible for the survival of pregnancy. Misoprostol 4 pills are taken at a time so that your uterus can contract and flush out the pregnancy parts.

Pre-Requisites To Check

After two weeks of using Abortion Pills makes sure that you conclude your pregnancy termination with the help of ultrasound. There are rare cases of incomplete abortion but if you come across incomplete termination then you need to undergo the surgical process. MTP kit should not be used if you are carrying a pregnancy outside the uterus. The woman’s age exceeding 35 years should avoid the use of this termination pill. If you are allergic to Mifepristone or Misoprostol or any other inactive ingredients in this pill then do avoid the use of this remedy. Liver, heart, uterine rupture and intestinal disease patients should make sure that they do not purchase Abortion Pill online.

Side Effects

After using this pregnancy termination pill you can notice the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, cramping and clotting. These symptoms are normal and if you notice that they are getting severe then do seek an emergency help. Diarrhea symptom mostly occurs after 2 weeks of using abortion pill and it can make you lose lots of water so make sure you consume enough fluids. During the termination process make sure you use sanitary pads instead of tampons.

Mandatory Precautions To Follow

MTP kit is one of the best options for termination, but if you are using this pregnancy termination pill then avoid the intercourse for two weeks so that you can avoid being pregnant again and infected. Involving in physical labor can make you bleed heavily so do avoid it. If your pregnancy, then above 7 weeks makes sure that you do not use these pills and get a suggestion from a gynecologist. Alcohol and tobacco should not be used during termination process as it can make you bleed more or may affect the working of the pill. Even consuming grapefruit can cause you harm, so do avoid its use. Most of the women order Mifegest kit online so that they can maintain the privacy of the termination.


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