However some changes would need to be made

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The hoods now take up the place of OSRS gold this helmet right? What if we could pay employing those stored up castle wars towards providing the helmet a particular ability. They all could be bought at once but could NOT be changed during a game of castle wars. I had been thinking of about 200 tickets per skill. They will also have the ability to be marketed to your 200 tickets again if desired to purchase another distinctive ability hood.

However some changes would need to be made... The hood would change depending what ability it is to maybe the hood or helmet but the color of this team you're representing. Some of the abilities would have to be"toned down" e.g. guthans would not cure as much as usual to prevent guthan tanks being nearly invincible unless they get piled and dharoks so it strikes a maximum of (place your ideal amount here)

This could create Torag's particular more helpful for ridding energy of individuals working together with the flag. Karil's attack would have to be changed as lowering an agility level is inefficient unless it takes an agility level for rocks maybe? The capes get a little update too.This is for the lower level castle wars players (or even higherwho dont own barrows)who don't have 70 def don't get left out from this update.

These points cannot be spent strength or prayer or cheap RuneScape gold any assault stats and are redeemable back again. These defence points are inserted to the cape only and therefore are only usable in the mingame. I hope this makes sense...oh well thanks for reading this far. Add a few of your personal ideas if your curious or flame it to bits.


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