semen culture test cost in Hyderabad

semen culture test cost in Hyderabad -The average cost of semen culture test ranges between Rs. 750 to rupees 1500 in 15 cities of India and it will depend upon the quality and availability.


semen culture test cost in Hyderabad -The average cost of semen culture test ranges between Rs. 750 to rupees 1500 in 15 cities of India and it will depend upon the quality and availability. The semen culture test cost in Hyderabad is around Rs. 750. The market price for this test in Hyderabad is 1100; however, at We Care IVF Surrogacy we are offering a discount of Rs. 350 to all the patients across the globe as this is one of the best and reasonable clinic in Hyderabad for all fertility treatments. Here, we wish to fulfill the dreams of infertile couples rather than making money from their pocket.

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What is semen culture?

Semen culture is done in the laboratory for testing men's semen samples. The purpose of this test is to check the quality of sperms and if a man has a low sperm count then it can lead to infection which is caused by microorganisms. When the culture detects positive bacterial semen in samples produce by men then an antibiogram will tell the fertility expert about which antibiotic is the most suitable one so they can remove the microorganism.

Semen culture checks the presence of common microorganisms as well as it also detects other bacteria such as ureaplasma and mycoplasma. There is also a possibility that it can optionally detect chlamydia.

When it is recommended to have a semen culture test done?

The fertility experts at We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic recommend a male member to get their semen culture test done when men facing sudden symptoms of the lower urinary tract and genital system such as painful ejaculation, presence of blood in semen, frequent urine, etc. 

How to prepare male members for semen culture?

The fertility expert will not give any antibiotic to the male member when semen culture is performed. Before the fertility expert obtains the semen sample, they ask the patient to wash the area with clean water and avoid applying any antiseptic as it might contaminate the specimen.

What’s the procedure to perform semen culture?

The procedure for men culture is very simple; your fertility expert will direct you to a room where you need to collect your semen in a semen container, make sure that you wash your hands and penis thoroughly by using soap to remove any bacteria from the skin. You need to make sure that while obtaining the sample your penis or fingers do not touch the interior of the collecting container. Once the sample collected would be processed, the sperm count is checked, and it will send for a semen culture test in the laboratory. The semen culture test is done to determine the presence of microorganisms in your semen and to identify the infection that helps your fertility expert to understand the condition of your semen and accordingly they provide you the best treatment.

When a patient can expect the results of semen culture?

In most cases, the patient will get the results within 48 hours of the test done as this much time is required by experts to incubate microorganisms in semen. The semen culture results could be:

a) Negative: which means no microorganism is found in semen culture test.

b) Positive: where some microorganism is found. In such cases, an antibiogram follows with an antibiotic that makes the microorganism sensitive. With some pathogenic bacteria, the antibiogram is not necessary as this is a very specific therapy. The male member needs to consult with his physician for proper dosage and duration of treatment again.

Note: If more than 3 bacterial strains are found in men's semen culture test that means the sampling was not conducted under sterile conditions or the samples are contaminated by other external sources. In such cases, the fertility expert will recommend men to repeat the semen culture.

What’s the use of semen culture test?

The semen culture is useful to identify the root cause of male infertility and the semen culture test will help the fertility expert to provide the best and effective treatment so that it allows the couple to plan their family. Apart from this issue is also useful to identify the critical bacterial infections and allow your fertility expert to plan your treatment accordingly. The semen culture test helps in identifying factors behind infertility, the presence of blood in a man’s semen, and much more. This is the reason that fertility experts advise male members to get their semen culture test done so that it will not lead to any serious issues such as testicular cancer.

Why choose We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic?

We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic is one of the best and leading clinic which offers the best and effective fertility treatments at a very reasonable and affordable cost that helps many infertile couples to build their family who was struggling from a long period to have an own baby. Apart from reasonable costs, the other staff members at this clinic provide the best counseling, 24*7 personal and medical support, best environment, high-tech equipment used for treatment to achieve the highest success rates, etc. All these features make this clinic better than other clinics in Hyderabad; also the fertility expert will be in touch with the patient and tell them about the success or failure of every step of their treatment that helps the patient to take care of themselves and they will not miss anything whether it is their appointment at the clinic or their medications during the process. This will not only help fertility experts in achieving the highest success rates of the treatment but also for the patients who were waiting for a long period to turn their dream of having a baby into reality.

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