Rsgoldfast - Take the boat and travel to the center island
Rsgoldfast - Take the boat and travel to the center island Jul 27

Rsgoldfast - Take the boat and travel to the center island

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Now, you can fight him. He is level 463 and uses an advanced version Fire Wave that hits 30s and smoke Barrage. The prayer you make will give you some protection, similar to in PvP. You should be able to attack him from a distance because he has powerful mage defense. Zanik can also take on him. Zanik will make use of melee to leap onto your platform once he's at 2/3 health. When he reaches 1/3 health he will smile at your efforts and throw a Smoke Blitz at you. Zanik is thrown in front of you, and is struck. Wyvoch teleports. Oldak and you rush Zanik to Dorgeshkan so that she can be treated for poison.

Oldak can assure you that Zanik will recover eventually She just needs some time. Thaerisk can be visited at Falador Castle to learn that Lucien was found. It was discovered that an island lies in the north of the wilderness. Teleporting to it is not advisable as there could be spells that block teleportation. Therefore, you'll need to build a vessel using 14 planks and 200 nails, any type. If you're near the Rogues Castle, you will see a place to launch your boat. It will be there for you by the White Knights so that you have room to eat.

Take the boat and travel to the center island where Hazeel Zemouregal and Enakhra are located. Lucien will be aware of your presence, and attack to show off to his fellow brethren the new abilities he has acquired. You will die if you don't activate the Protect from Magic. If Lucien is half-healthy and a cutscene is triggered. Your prayer stops and you're defeated by Lucien. Then, Summer Bonde from Spirit of Summer appears and bring your prayer back, and talk about how you should never give up hope in the face of danger.

Lucien will be mocked by the Mahjarrat group for having been held back by the ghost of an eight-year-old girl. Lucien will attack Summer and take her to. The White Knights will teleport you to the outside and take you away with heavy casualties.

Your character will comment that Lucien was not so sick as Salarin had claimed that he was. At this point, Sir Amik Varze will be approached by the gnome ambassador, who will request a meeting with the Temple Knights, and will be directed to speak with Tiffy Cashien.

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