Drops appear in a Revenant Box
Drops appear in a Revenant Box Jul 23

Drops appear in a Revenant Box

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Drops. Drops appear in a Revenant Box. It's a basic rule that the higher your revs, the more you will get in your drops. However, it works similar to lootshare. However there is a twist: the person who gets the most hits does not get the entire drop.

Restrictions do not apply to the risky crator. Armour: is provided depending on your time spent playing the game. The longer you play, the better your armour and is dependent on the job you have got, (builder, attacker, defense). You can exchange your boxes from the game to purchase the items listed above (according to price) however after you've finished the minigame, you are not able to exchange them again. You may also open your boxes to view the drops that you've got.

You can ask that your fortress team with another team to have 30 players. To win the game, you need to reach a room where revs respawn and take all the players. Then destroy the underground passageway. There, the defenders revenants will wait for you (they are able to respawn at random). Rate each chapter, and then comment on which chapters you should add.

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