In between his trip out of high school drama to the NBA Draft
In between his trip out of high school drama to the NBA Draft Jul 03

In between his trip out of high school drama to the NBA Draft

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NBA 2K21 does such a fantastic job of appearing like a game of NBA basketball that when things go awry, it is really jarring. Then there is the CPU's mishandling of things associated with clock direction, which happens constantly. For example, sometimes a player will hold on the ball free of urgency, five feet from the three-point lineup as the clock ticks down. One other issue I noticed is that gamers often behave oddly in transition. Whether it be somebody slowing down (even when they have a numbers advantage) for no reason, or three-point shooters falling in from the arc and hammering the inside, there is frequently no logic as to this A.I. decision making in transition play.

Likewise the CPU is frequently much too aggressive on double teams, which makes it much too easy to find open teammates. It has been a problem for several years, and it is maddening that it remains so apparent. NBA 2K21 does such a good job of appearing like a game of NBA basketball that if things go awry enjoy this, it's really jarring.That being said, spacing has been enhanced generally, and that I noticed that non-controlled players behave more realistically off the ball. I had a lot of fun finding open teammates as they curled around displays, made solid cuts to the basket, or slunk out softly into the baseline for a corner three-point shot. Especially in online play, I was pleased to find my A.I. teammates creating space for themselves and creating room for celebrities like Giannis Antetokounmpo to isolate more efficacy. It is touches like this that let NBA 2K21 do a fantastic job of emulating an actual game of basketball, for the most part.

This year's effort, called The Long Shadow, is a gigantic disappointment. It is unfortunate that almost everything outside the on-court experience pales when compared with Over the last several years, I've found myself awaiting the MyCareer campaigns at the NBA 2K series. They are usually polished, well-written in spurts, and feature a fun throw. The narrative follows Junior, a promising young talent playing in the shadow of the deceased father.

In between his trip out of high school drama to the NBA Draft, The Long Shadow spends very little time developing any of its uninteresting characters and also much investigating Junior's college love, where he chases after his girlfriend to declare his love just like something out of a Hallmark film. It is too bad, since the premise might have been genuinely affecting, but it is much too disjointed and shallow for The Long Shadow to be anything but an excuse to play a few games in a college uniform. It's nice seeing some type of college sports at a video game, but that is about it. Thankfully, there is an choice to skip the narrative and head directly into the NBA Draft.

The rest of the MyCareer mode is really good if you can ignore the dreadful microtransactions that infest its every corner. The Neighborhood, a free-roam region where you can play pick-up online games and produce character modifications, is now set in Venice Beach. The change of setting is nice, particularly since you spend so much time there. The colors are vibrant, the courts look excellent, and there is something soothing about the cool blue backdrop. I had a lot of fun touring the area, buying new gear for my created player, and participating in pick-up games. As good as it is to explore the more intimate space The Neighborhood provides, it mostly contains the same components from last year's match. It seems different, however there is not much new to do.

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