Rsgoldfast - I'm one of the gods chosen by Drakan
Rsgoldfast - I'm one of the gods chosen by Drakan Jul 20

Rsgoldfast - I'm one of the gods chosen by Drakan

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The key found in the chest is able to unlock the Ivandis Flail. Inform Veliaf that the threat was stopped. Talk with Safalaan at Meiyerditch and tell him what happened. Safalaan will suggest you visit Castle Drakan based on the maps you created in Darkness of Hallowvale.

Look for the symbol of the northern sickle at the wall. This is where you sketched the Darkness of Hallowvale's castle. You'll find stairs. Take them down, then run south. Castle Drakan will be reached by climbing up the nearby wall. Continue to follow the maze. When you reach the end, you will find an area with a coffin. The coffin will not be open, so you'll be stopped.

Vanstrom: Ah, [your name]I noticed that the weapon had disappeared, and I knew you were the culprit. I knew it would only be a matter of time until you got to the castle. You brought Safalaan hallow. She is so sweet and so gentle, perhaps he can help her become more cooperative.

Vanstrom is at level 189 and is able to use melee. At some points in the fight, he'll employ a ranged attack similar to Dessous from Desert Treasure. The Ivandis Flail will not harm him. It is highly advised that you complete Tarn's Lair in order to be able to utilize the Salve Amulet. Vantrom isn't going to die.

Fool, I'm one of the gods chosen by Drakan, so you can't harm me! In this moment Safalaan will heal both you, and even pray. He will suggest leaving, but first he says you should check out the coffin. Talk to the vampyre woman inside by opening it. Who are your acquaintances? That's all I wanted to ask.

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