RuneScape - To degrade Dream Logs To degrade Dream Logs
RuneScape - To degrade Dream Logs To degrade Dream Logs Nov 24

RuneScape - To degrade Dream Logs To degrade Dream Logs

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Return to the hut of Savarain. Are you returning with the Ethernal Staff Here's the URL. That's great. Now I'm going to ask you to do some errands for me. Solar Guardian hands you a scroll. Then, come to me at the Hole of Supernova. You'll find the information you're looking for within the scroll.

5 Sets of Nightmare Logs in 5 Sets. How to obtain First, you'll need Dream Logs. There are many of them available on Solar Isle. Take a trip back to the Sayaniona's Lair, and then follow the path back to the room that is the Greater Sayaniona's. There's an opening in the wall towards the back of the room. Inside , you'll discover a small bedroom like one in the Player Owned House. The bed is an option: Enter Dreamland.

You'll be transported to Dreamland when you select the option. It is tiny island, with only one dream tree and surrounded by darkness. However, you do find the book My Life in your inventory. It's probably taken from the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Just read it to return to the real world. You will receive 5 logs when you cut your dream tree five times. But it is much more difficult.

To degrade Dream Logs To degrade Dream Logs, you'll require Level 55 Magic. You can use the Solarus Staff to degrade a dreamlog. After this, the staff will crumble into a dust-like substance. You'll have five sets of Eclipse Logs. Rub the dust-like substance on and you'll have the Nightmare Logs needed. Go through the book and return through the crack and out of the cave. To use the Nightmare Log Process, you must have Level 70 Woodcutting.

Handle constructed out of steel. Charge or no charge. The company specializes in silver ore, gold ore. To recharge it, visit it the Mining mini-game's reward shop. You can trade in 30 shards. Or take a combination of 10 silver ores gold ores along with some money and let Nurmorf or Bob recharge the device.

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