RuneScape - I'll soon be able to finish the quest
RuneScape - I'll soon be able to finish the quest Nov 19

RuneScape - I'll soon be able to finish the quest

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The miniquest is finished when you have completed three of them. I'll soon be able to finish the quest. These are the requirements. Coup de Slug. Kennith's Bessers, Rum Deal, All In Fire. 46 Slayer. 51 Agility. 31 Herblore. 49 Fishing. 56 Firemaking.

To start out, talk to Tiffy Cashien regarding the Temple Knight base and he'll take you to the Temple Knight base. From there, you may start the miniquest if you want to, or simply ignore it. There is a choice. Talk to Callon, the Temple Knight Commander, Callon. Callon will inform and ask for your help in investigating the Mother Mallum's activities.

You seem very alert. Have any new leads been identified? In fact I don't think you know anything about Kennith? Who is he? He is a child of Witchaven. Now, you'll describe the events that occurred during Kennith's concerns. I'll immediately initiate an investigation. You're an Proselyte and the person closest to the matter, so I'll give you a fee. There was a different task, however. I'm looking for you to deliver the live sea slug.

It's a bit difficult. There is a chance to acquire another aquatic mind control creature. If you locate one, we may be able to take a look, even though they're not directly related. Ok, to get the "other mind control creature" Go to Braindeath Island via Pirate Pete, and fish some Sluglings and a Karamthalu similar to what you encountered in the quest. Callon will analyze the fish and Kennith will be delivered to you.

In order to do this, you'll need to visit the fishing platform and find him in his room. You can ask him how he acquired the powers he has during Kennith's Worries He will then start screaming and whining like the kid he's. Use your Commorb on him and Savant will find him to be completely normal.

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