RuneScape wasn't very interesting
RuneScape wasn't very interesting Nov 02

RuneScape wasn't very interesting

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Since it was part of the first combat system that was very basic and had complicated mechanics at the time I've referred to it as similar to QBD. While I'm not convinced that the mechanics are identical, the dragon kiteshield might be a good drop. I have no motivation to even try to play again. Nothing can make me want to try the game over again. At least, that's the only thing I remember. It's not enough to interest me enough to buy Fallout 4.

I've been tempted to but I'm capable of changing my mind at any moment, which is really crazy taking into account the love I have for Fallout. You should know that I purchased Skyrim several months prior to the game's release. Also, I was to watch the Steam countdown to install the game as quickly as I could.

I tried the game the day it was released and was incredibly dissatisfied to discover that my laptop wasn't able to run it properly, so much I ended up buying an upgraded gaming laptop just so I could play it and similar games to the maximum. It's not that I like TES as much as I like Fallout. My preferences are shifting, and I don't like games as much anymore.

RuneScape wasn't very interesting. The game and most of the players I enjoyed playing with were in it, but the Sal's Community has either quit the game or gone inactive. The clan's community has absent, and I don't see me joining another clan. Core players have moved on to different games that I do not care about.

It's a bit sad to announce that the RuneScape part of my life has ended. In the more than 10 years I played Runescape I resigned from the game and resigned myself to inactivity several times. For the first time, I think I'm finished.

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