School isn't only about education
School isn't only about education Oct 21

School isn't only about education

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TGS and Chicago Gaming United team up to host an incredible high school NBA2K tournament.VANCOUVER (BC) (BC). 30, 2020/CNW/ TGS Esports Inc. and Chicago Gaming United have teamed together to launch an thrilling NBA2K event for Chicagoland high school students. The top three winners in each division will each receive educational scholarships.

"School isn't only about education. It's also about relationships or sports, and most importantly, forming a community. TGS CEO Spiro Khouri said that the pandemic has revealed to young people how important these connections are. "Esports helped fill that gap, and the entire world was in a lull. The event will bring together players from all over the city to participate in one massive event.

The tournament will include an Xbox and PlayStation division. PlayStation and Xbox division, and will take place online over the weekend of November 7 and November 14-15.

The final stage, which will include an Elite 8 in each division, will take place on the weekend of November 21-22. The event will be streamed live via TGS' Twitch channel. TGS will organize the tournament as well as provide professional tournament management and production.

A portion of the money will be donated to three non-profit organizations in addition to scholarships. They include Cxmmunity which is focused on enhancing participation of minorities in esports;

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