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We can all relate when someone speaks of "rune armor" or "wilderness" as Runescape pops into our memory instantly and memories flood back in a massive blast of nostalgia at the same at the same time.

Runescape is probably something that you heard about through a family member, friend or siblings. It's a wildly well-known game that people are eager to play. I can remember precisely when I was around 6-7 in about 2003-04 and I saw my cousin playing on a desktop PC with Windows 2000 and my other cousin and I watched him for a bit and then asked him about the game he was playing. It was Runescape. It was very cool looking and we decided to give it another try.

We played Runescape for an additional 8 years with our cousin. This was due to the great replay value and the lasting memories we shared. We are no more different than other players who devoted hours to this amazing game. It was well worth the effort to rise at dawn to play Runescape, and to spend the night working to increase your abilities.

Although creating an account only took a couple of minutes, you probably thought about what was a World was. You could choose any random one and be directed to the Java Applet screen. Then you could choose the Runescape nostalgia theme would begin to play. The vibrant flames attracted your attention to Runescape, a new game that you just discovered. This made you more excited to play it. Then you logged in without a second thought and embarked on your amazing, everlasting Runescape adventure.

Tutorial Island was different from any other game you've ever played. The Newbie Melody's tunes remain in my mind ever since. Listening back to it brings back memories of my younger Runescape acquaintances, when things were not as complicated.

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