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The G-League is being increasingly utilized by youngsters as a way to get a stone into the league. Players like Pascal Siakam played in the G-League as a way to learn new skills before they become regular, rotating players in the league.

2K Sports has included the G-League in earlier games. In NBA 2K19, the G-League was one of the first steps on the road to the NBA for the MyPlayer. The most recent usage was decent, but 2K Sports can use the G-League more effectively.

It would be wonderful to see all G-League players included within the PlayNow mode. The G-League teams can add an extra dimension of content to the game. The players will be able create custom rosters with the G-League rosters.

The previous version of NBA 2K has a feature that lets users create rosters and upload them onto the cloud. It allows others to download rosters. Many creators prefer to make G-League rosters that contain accurate statistics for their players.

This can be a time-consuming job, particularly when hundreds of players are needed to build the roster. They already have players in the game can cut down on time for designers and allow the roster makers to spend more time making sure the information is correct. EuroLeague Teams - EuroLeague teams were in the game, but EuroLeague rosters were removed in NBA 2K18. It didn't make any sense. The European method of play made it enjoyable to play together.

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