RuneScape - When Kaczrowski talked about his childhood
RuneScape - When Kaczrowski talked about his childhood Sep 30

RuneScape - When Kaczrowski talked about his childhood

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Andrew Kaczrowski from Alexandria knows that Asperger's disorder is more complicated than what the TV show depicts. Kaczrowski has Asperger's high functioning type of autism that impacts a person's ability to interact and socialize with others. He acknowledges it is hard but that he can cope with awareness of his condition and by surrounding him with those who are sensitive and friendly.

Kaczrowski discovers that he has Asperger's symptoms from an early age. He was adopted at the age of 18 months old. His father was a family physician in Marshall. Kaczrowski spent a lot of his time with his adopted sisters and a brother at their family's lake house close to Alexandria.

His exceptional skills made him stand out at an young age. He was able to write the numbers 1 to 1000 in his kindergarten. While many children are still learning to write 100, he was writing them. His parents asked him what his school experience was like. The child was enthusiastic and responded by reciting the entire lesson in a single word.

When Kaczrowski talked about his childhood, he rubbed his soft, fuzzy red sock which matched his white silky athletic suit. As a child his parents would make him wear woolen sweaters to church. "It felt like a thousand threads prickling me skin," he said. He's now a big fan of soft socks, and sports pants over buttoned cotton shirts, and jeans.

Kaczrowski was a student at the high school of Marshall and was a basketball player. He did not like attending basketball games due to the fact that they were too loud."While I tried to go to games, I couldn't as I could hear things really intensely," he said. Kaczrowski believes that being noise sensitive has been both a curse and a blessing. He has become a talented pianist because of it. In the 6th grade, he began singing in church choirs as well as at the piano.

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