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This is a great thing

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Edgville: Hill Giants- but not as crowded than the usual Edgville. Cranador: I found this dungeon very disappointing. It contains lots of lesser demons- and looks just as the rest of the island. It's a joke.

Dwarven Mines is the new largest area of F2P mining. 13 coal, 3 silver, 6 mith, usually not overcrowded. Surprise: It includes a Bank! Dungeneering Peninsula is full of Maple and Willow trees. The new best plave for F2P woodcutting and firemaking.

It is located that belongs to the mining guild. It has 2 runeore that is available for F2P. Is this good? It could cause the cost of rune to fall from its 18k an ore. What is beneficial or detrimental?

Miners will not have to travel deep into the wilderness to find rune, but it has diminished its status as the king metal- almost impossible to get ahold of. The guild is very crowded although it was once empty.

This is a great thing. It's hard to say whether the cost of rune ore would plummet considering that there are more rune rocks available for players who want to mine, I can't see that many free to plays having 85 mining and above just to mine rune ore. If they're members, they will have more rune mines to mine at than those at the mining guild.

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