It took me a day to get an skeletal kit
It took me a day to get an skeletal kit Aug 24

It took me a day to get an skeletal kit

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This is my personal opinion on what I found simple. If you don't like something, send me a message about what I can improve. If you'd like to include me in your circle of friends, or contact me my name is Zoku012. I hope that I can help you with this boring ability. Good luck everyone.

I can't believe that I squandered five super stat restores and 10 prayer pots as well as 30 sharks n 18 rockbite in the past 3 days n still cant get the stuff i trynna get. Here's the story of what occurred. I was trying to get my freminnik log done to finish the blood tests that were rife. One of the toughest tasks was wearing full skeletal, rockshell, and spine armor. My idea was to get my own raw materials so i could save money (lol i know sum of you think it's stupid).

I was trying to kill dagannoth lv90 for dagannoth hides i didnt realize they could kill 15 extremely easily and accurately. I thought it was just Lv90 until I ate my sharks within about 20 mins n i started to realize sumthing aint right.

Anyways i managed to get about 10 dagannoth hides and trynna go kill wallasalki for bones to make skeletal armor. I did not realize that I needed a second man to unlock the door of the wallasalki so once again during that trip, i wasted a bottle prayer pot (i was wearing my ranger gears, and rely heavily on prayer at this point).

Later on i got in n found out wallasalki despit being lv 98 it can actually hits like 19 n it retreats whenever its seriously injured. I learned how to trap it inside the narrow passage behind it so it couldn't be able to escape. Then later on my handcannon broke (200k in one go!) I had to resort to Zanik's crossbow and bonebolts (i am a bit overloaded!) to fight wallasalki. I killed like 25 of em n still aint got all the bone pieces. It took me a day to get an skeletal kit, so I quit. Later, i sold it again however, I don't have any food or potion left.

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