We also gained some knowledge from Jagex
We also gained some knowledge from Jagex Aug 13

We also gained some knowledge from Jagex

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A handful of Jagex employees deserve special thanks. Since everyone was incredible, this list could be 10 times longer. Even though only a few names appear in this list, I am grateful for everyone on the list.

Andrew Gower and Mark Gerhard Mark Gerhard - We are truly grateful for your kindness and hospitality. The trip was amazing. We appreciate you taking the time to answer all our questions. We we were grateful that you were able to take the time out to join us for a few meals. We felt very welcome and could communicate with you both. Thank you for everything!

Sarah Jane - Your organization of our trip, itinerary and party was incredible. I'm also impressed with your ability to handle the weather. Mod Hohbein- You helped us get from one location to another and you were always available to help us. You're amazing!

Mod Paul Mod Paul. You didn't want us to try out your car ?!?!. You're kidding, you made sure we all got together and had a blast on Saturday. We were glad to get to spend time with you and get know you a bit. Mod Poppy: Wow, we appeared to be the perfect match. It was so wonderful to spend the time with us. I am looking forward to being friends for the years to come and look forward to my next visit. Send me the music!

We also gained some knowledge from Jagex. These are important for you to know, in order to help Jagex and you. If you are hacking accounts, publishing fake RS3 websites with the intent of taking passwords or other ways breaking the DMCA laws - they'll be prosecuted. You must keep your game clean.

If you want to know more about RSorder, you can go to https://www.rsorder.com/
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