The former Jagex CEO Geoff Iddison
The former Jagex CEO Geoff Iddison Aug 05

The former Jagex CEO Geoff Iddison

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The former Jagex CEO Geoff Iddison said that he was looking to combine the premium subscription model and micropayments. What are your thoughts on this idea? It's impossible to use an existing Runescape game and add retrofit microtransactions. The game is too large. I don't believe it will add any value to our players. While the system could make more money, I believe it would increase the cost of a player's experience.

What is the reason why MMOs are so closely associated with free-to-play games? My opinion is that MMOs are linked to the need to spend a lot of time with products. The model of free-to-play complements this more, because it allows players the opportunity to ask "do I want spend a large portion of my time on this?"

You have previously mentioned your ambitions to expand into Asian markets, how is that progressing? Runescape has support for several languages, and the technology is in place. Next step is to make it commercial. We're now thinking about the next step. It could take place anywhere around the globe, including Asia, South America, or eastern Europe. The truth is that the jury is still out on that one.

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