Their 2K League team won a championship
Their 2K League team won a championship Aug 03

Their 2K League team won a championship

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Amongst a series of interesting questions that the 2014 MVP was asked "If you had to form a team in the game, which current NBA players are in the team?" To which KD picked a handful of the game's greats. Two-time champ , said "I always have trouble when I'm faced with these kinds of questions, because I'm likely to forget someone." Durant stated that there are so many great players. "But from the top when I have to go five, I would be Kyrie [Irving], James [Harden], myself, LeBron [James], and Anthony Davis."

NBA Twitter went viral after Kevin Durant's NBA 2K preferred lineup selection was made. The US basketball league NBA is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. To commemorate this milestone, there will be a special edition of the sports simulation "NBA 2K" will be released in 2021. The cover features a observe the German extraordinary player Dirk Nowitzki between the legends Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kevin Durant.

Although he left basketball in 2019 But his name is extremely well-known in Germany and the USA. He was Dirk Nowitzki who, among many other things, participated in the all-star game 14 times. The legend is back. The company behind 2K has chosen three of its players to portray a particular version their upcoming basketball game "NBA 2K22". Dirk Nowitzki, along with Kevin Durant, the outstanding player and Kareem AbdulJabbar will be featured on the cover for the "75th Anniversary Edition".

The company behind "2K" is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the North American NBA league with the three sexy and each one more than two meters tall, literally giants of basketball.Ted and Zach Leonsis have made a pledge to be ahead of the game in playing esports.

It's not surprising that their 2K League team won a championship just a few months after it was founded. It's a good investment considering that the worldwide esports market is close to 450million and is expected continue to earn more than a billion dollars annually, according to the Newzoo Global Esports Market Report.

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